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Kyoto Cutting Boards

Kyoto Cutting Boards

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Experience the beauty of nature and craftsmanship with our Kyoto Cutting Boards. Inspired by the Japanese dedication to masterful craftsmanship, these boards exemplify the intricate balance of functionality and aesthetic.

In the natural teak finish, this board is a testament to the wood's natural beauty, providing a durable and resistant surface that matures gracefully with use.

Contrasting, the black teak board, has been transformed in the Shou Sugi Ban finish — a traditional Japanese technique that carefully chars the wood to a deep onyx. This process not only enhances the teak's natural patterns but also fortifies the board against the elements, offering a unique antibacterial and water-resistant surface.

The Kyoto boards are shaped with a minimalist design, featuring a practical handle that complements their sleek, straight-edged silhouette. The Kyoto Teak Cutting Boards are not just kitchen tools but a celebration of sustainability and the craftsman's touch.


Medium: 13.78" x 4.72" (35cm x 12cm)

Large: 18.9" x 5.91" (48cm x 15cm)


Natural Foodgrade Oil


Shou Sugi Ban + Foodgrade
Beeswax and Natural Foodgrade Oil



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